Schedule of Events

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§  Gift or Curse: (Moderator: Kathleen Cady, Rockport-Fulton High School)Ashley Dotson, D’Ann Burrow, P.J. Hoover, C.C. Hunter

     When does something you considered a curse actually become a gift? When it saves lives...that's when. Ashley Dotson, D’Ann Burrow, P.J. Hoover, and C. C. Hunter show us how.

§  Worlds Away: (Moderator: Sarah Walker, Tuloso-Midway ISD) Kristy Acevedo, Joe Shine, Becky Wallace, Manuel Rui

    Join us in a world away with a little fantasy, sci-fi and romance.  Kristy Acevedo, Joe Shine, Becky Wallace and Manuel Ruiz will be sure to provide the ultimate quest.  Are you ready?

§  The Scarier, the Better: (Moderator: Jennifer Barrientes, CCPL) Miracle Austin, Jonathan Maberry

    Zombies and other creepy creatures take over when authors Jonathan Maberry and Miracle Austin pen their stories. For fans of scary stories, this is the place to be...only if you're not afraid...

§  Love in Peril: Joy Preble, Selene Castrovilla, Ann Stampler

    No one said that love is easy, but the characters in books by Joy Preble, Selene Castrovilla, and Ann Stampler have special obstacles to overcome. If you like your romance with some major drama mixed in, you'll love Love in Peril.

§  Love is Funny (Or is it?): Laura Stampler, Jacqueline E. Smith, Guadalupe Garcia McCall

    Love stories come with ups and downs. Sometimes the fun outweighs the problems, and sometimes the problems outweigh the fun. Laura Stampler, Jacqueline E. Smith, and Guadalupe Garcia McCall write about love in all of its glory…and its distress.

§  The Real Thing: (Moderator: Jennifer Lee, Scholastic)Kym Brunner, Terri Farley, Diana Lopez, Brendan Kiely

    Are you ready for life? Life experiences will shape who you will become. In fiction and non-fiction, people have to use the experiences they have to grow. Learn and grow with authors Kym Brunner, Terri Farley, Diana Lopez, and Brendan Kiely.

§  Survivors : (Moderator: Lisa Jurecek) Beth Fehlbaum, Steven Parlato, Jennifer Mathieu, Jeff Zentner

    Grief, heartache, trauma, loss…adversity takes many forms. So how do you pick up the pieces when your whole world is falling apart? Discover the powerful message of survival, hope, and recovery by authors Beth Fehlbaum, Steven Parlato, Jennifer Mathieu, and Jeff Zentner.

§  Mind Matters: (Moderator: AnaLisa Lawhon, Ray High School) Margo Kelly, Amanda Thrasher, Rose Garcia

The workings of the human mind are mysterious. Why do we do those crazy things we do? Explore some of the mystery, and maybe even unlock some answers with Margo Kelly, Amanda Thrasher, and Rose Garcia.